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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Yep, it's clone time again

No, not 'clown' time.
I'm just getting so darn busy ... I need a clone!
Deep breath.
First of all: RELEASE DAY YESTERDAY!! Mad happy dance, the Pig is free (well, no, it costs $6) and available for download. Yea!!! I have been blogging and chatting about the book for a day or so and will be doing so for another month or two (then again in August when it comes out in print).
Secondly: the CONTEST. A bunch of Cerridwen authors banded together and we're having a scavenger hunt through our web sites and blogs. I'm sort of in charge of it. It's a blast, but a lot to manage. Go to to see the scope. It's HUGE. Fingers crossed I don't blow it {insert nervous laughter here}.
Thirdly: the HOUSE. I'm acting as general contractor for a remodeling project so I am trying to find people to put holes in our walls, tear up our floors, fuss with electricity and gas and just generally make a mess. I have to schedule job A before job B which needs electrician C but I need to order material for floor D before carpenter E comes ... It will be great when it's done, but it's a bit chaotic right now. I'll post pictures of the final result.
Then there's the book I just sold (the 3rd book in the History Patrol series), the 4th book I should be researching, the 2nd book for my third publisher which I'm working on, the 3rd book for my 2nd publisher ...
Deep breath. One thing at a time. Like this blog. Just relax, sit back, and make lists. Then dig in and GET IT DONE!
Back to work ....

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