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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's all a matter of timing

I was just thinking about this morning's snow event. 3-4" of slushy snow. No biggie, really, as these things go.

But it started at 2 a.m., was heavy until about 8, then quit. Smack dab in the middle of rush hour. It was the sort of snow that is best left alone. If you shovel (plow, scrape, whatever) it turns to icy pellets. Of course, the plows were out so there were a gazillion accidents. Now here it is, noon, and the roads are dry as a bone with nary an icy patch in sight.

It's all just a matter of timing. Some fellow authors and I have been musing about this, too. Most ebook publishers specialize in HOT writing (erotica, porn, call it what you will). These kinds of books do a HUGE business in download because, let's face it, folks don't want to walk into a bookstore and buy a book like that from a shelf. Maybe now and again, but not on a regular basis.

My fellow "non-HOT" authors and I have been wondering how to reach out to those folks who like ebooks but don't necessarily want HOT writing. Is that audience even out there? Or are we kidding ourselves -- is there really a market for our stuff? I mean, I sell some copies, but no where near what those HOT writers sell.

But I keep coming back to ... it's not about the sales. It's about my comfort level as an author. I like being in ebook publishing, I like online promo, I like not worrying about sell-through and numbers and my place in the bookstore or on a list. So maybe it's all about timing after all. This is the right time for me to do this kind of publishing. Maybe that time will come when I'll 'graduate' to a traditional publisher, or maybe not.

Only time will tell....

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