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Saturday, March 22, 2008

My characters just aren't behaving ....

My current WIP is taking a bit of a tangent. As most of you know, I'm not a plotter -- I tend to write spontaneously with just a general idea of where a story will go.

Well, this book ("Murder at the Casino") is going in all kinds of interesting directions. The hero proposed marriage in chapter 6. I thought he was going to propose on the final page. Whoa. Having them be engaged that early in the story adds a layer of complexity I hadn't planned on.

Then there's his past -- the FBI agent sent in to investigate the crime turns to have slept with him right before he met the heroine.

Whoa again. Another right turn -- now we've got some jealousy going on.

My books are getting as unpredictable as the weather ... and they both keep me on my toes!

Happy Easter -- pretend that snowman there is an Easter bunny -- we've had about 8" of snow this week, so it takes some imagination!

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