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Monday, March 26, 2012

Retiring this blog

I decided to somewhat simplify my life, so I'm retiring this blog and moving my random updates to my other blog, "Writing In Between."

If you're following me, I hope you'll join me there:

Why, you ask? Just a way to simplify what I'm doing. I have a web site (actually, 4 of them, one for each genre and a main one). I have a mobile app. I have 3 blogs. I decided I don't need 3 blogs, so now I'll have 1 blog (maybe 2. I might keep my Zen blog going). And I figured out a way to simplify my updating of my sites. I think.

And I guess I thought it was time to move on to a new theme... so join me at WIB and let's see what the future holds.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Revisiting an old book

Not an old book, really. It's one I wrote last fall. I finished it and set it aside because I honestly didn't know if it was any good.

Well, I just re-read it. I think it's good. In fact, in a couple of spots I said, "Damn. That's really good." When I wrote it, I wasn't sure if I was wasting my time or not. But I read it over these last few days and have decided it's good to go--to my beta reader, for her evaluation.

Next up is Gilt. I edited it, it's been reviewed, now I have to re-read it, hopefully to catch any errors (grr. That boo-boo in Mist still bugs the crap out of me). Then I'll get a cover for it and hopefully upload it in a month or two

By then I hope to have a reply from the lawyer I hired to review my plans for Twistered, Woulds, and Dogged (the Classic Childhood Murder series). If I can use the series idea, fine. If not, I'll revisit and rewrite. Won't rewrite Twistered. It's too set in Oz. But the others, yeah, I can come up with something.

Then it's back to the future with my "The Dystopian American Dream" series. I have made HUGE strides in that and am almost done with the first volume (3 books).

I am on a roll. Watch out!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The legal nonsense continues

After my run-in with a near-lawsuit (who knows -- it might turn into a lawsuit) regarding the sale of our house, I am gun shy. So I've hired a lawyer to look over the Oz book, on the off-chance I may be violating some copyright rule somewhere.

Stay tuned. Life may get interesting.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I'm on the road again

Cue the music.

I'm traveling to MN this week for business, so will be offline for a few days. Oh, I'll be online. I just won't be on-task to keep blogging.

I'm looking forward to this trip. A chance to visit friends, go into the office and get some face time with people, and just a nice little getaway. Haven't been out of town since early Feb., so I'm feeling antsy.

Here's hoping Father Weather will let me travel safely!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Modest success

I'm following a new regimen for writing, and so far I feel it's working. Here's what I do: I limit myself to email/blogs/Facebook, etc., for the first 15 minutes of an hour. After that, I write.

I also do a quick outline of what I'm going to focus on during my writing. Then I just sit down and do it. My output has increased and I'm finding the energy again to work on things for a long period of time.

Stay tuned. We'll see if I can make this a habit.