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Sunday, September 26, 2010


No, I'm not really offline. I'm just delayed.

I attended a 2-day writer conference and it was ... interesting. I was a bit disappointed, I'll say that right off. I thought the presenter would be more prepared, more on-task.

HOWEVER: I did get a few tidbits of "how to" tricks out of it, so that was useful. Let's face it: if I can get *something* out of it, it's okay.

And now I'm on the road again for the ... hmm, 4th? 5th? time in 6 weeks. So expect erratic updates here and there.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What is promo, really?

I just read a blog post on a friend's blog. Said friend is also a published author, and I checked her 'followers', and HOLY COW, she's got a couple of hundred blog followers.

Well, foo -- that's great promo for her, right?

Hmm. Wait a minute. Have I ever bought someone's book just because I read an interesting blog post? Uh, no. Nor have I explored a web page unless I found it really attractive -- a plain/Jane page: nope.

So what is promo? Authors are always told to "get their name out there" as though that will magically get us some sales. But does it? I don't think so. I think the "get out there" is to get out there and interact with people, build a sense of who you are on the web, and, yes, get out there and promote the book.

So WHEW. I'm not as worried about those blog stats now.

Not much...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And writerly angst

An acquaintance of mine, who has many, many books published (mostly erotica), has just acquired an agent. I am briefly jealous.

Jealous because this means she's taken the time to work on her career, something that, sadly, I haven't done lately. And happy for her because she's taken the next step forward in her career.

It seems like every fall I go through this: continue as I've done? Strive for more?

It looks like this fall won't be any different ....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Writerly enthusiasm

Had a meeting today with other writers in my area -- it's always so much fun to touch base with others 'in the trade.' We're doing a web site demo right now, and since I've already done my web site, I'm taking time to do a blog.

I highly recommend finding people who have like interests--it will always give you a shot in the arm.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Life, the hospital, and everything

I had to drop everything earlier in the week to go back to Iowa and help my Mom. I had visited her last weekend, came back to MN on Monday, on Tuesday got the call she needed me, and on Wednesday I drove back. On Friday I came back to MN.

It's surprising how easy that 4 hour drive is -- I literally do a lot of it on auto-pilot, which I suppose is a bit frightening. But I plug in my iPod, listen to a book on tape, and allow my mind to wander as I drive. It's Interstate most of the way, so it's easy.

I don't *enjoy* those trips, but I will miss them when my Mom passes (and not just because she's gone). They truly are an "out of the normal" experience, and I find I value those because I value my time when I get home so much.

It's all part of the balance of life, I know, but it's also something that gives me a chance to think. I don't get that enough in my daily life.

I know -- make time for it.

I wonder if I can ?

Saturday, September 04, 2010

TBR: pile or list?

I've seen several folks comment about their "TBR" pile: a stack of books, To Be Read, that awaits the reader's free time.

I've started to keep a TBRL: To Be Read List. You see, I don't have time to read. Seriously. I work full-time, I write full-time, and I have a social life. But after seeing my elderly mother and how much she reads, I thought, "You know, I'm going to keep a TBRL so when that day comes that I'm retired and I have time on my hands, I can dig out these books and read them."

It's surprising how fun this list is to keep -- I'm adding books right and left that intrigue me. I won't buy them. I'll probably get them from the library or maybe I'll download a first chapter for my Kindle (will there be Kindles by the time I retire?) I have an assurance that, barring an apocalypse, these books will still be around in some way, shape or form. A few years ago, I couldn't think that way -- I would have had to buy the books.

It's another way the electronic world is freeing me. I anticipate having a LOT of reading to do in the future.