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Monday, September 06, 2010

Life, the hospital, and everything

I had to drop everything earlier in the week to go back to Iowa and help my Mom. I had visited her last weekend, came back to MN on Monday, on Tuesday got the call she needed me, and on Wednesday I drove back. On Friday I came back to MN.

It's surprising how easy that 4 hour drive is -- I literally do a lot of it on auto-pilot, which I suppose is a bit frightening. But I plug in my iPod, listen to a book on tape, and allow my mind to wander as I drive. It's Interstate most of the way, so it's easy.

I don't *enjoy* those trips, but I will miss them when my Mom passes (and not just because she's gone). They truly are an "out of the normal" experience, and I find I value those because I value my time when I get home so much.

It's all part of the balance of life, I know, but it's also something that gives me a chance to think. I don't get that enough in my daily life.

I know -- make time for it.

I wonder if I can ?

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