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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Woot! Another book in print!

My second Cerridwen book came out in print this week -- just in time for the RT convention, in April.

It's available right now at the Cerridwen web site then will be available more widely (Borders, Amazon, etc.) in early April.

This was the book I wrote when I was briefly unemployed a few years ago and it stars Hannah Paxton and Jude Brenner. Hannah was a witness at a murder trial 30 years ago, and in the present day she's a juror in a murder trial. The two murders become intertwined, and Hannah gets put in danger, which brings Jude (a detective) into the picture.

The kittens on the cover do have something to do with the story, but it's not as big a plot point as it would appear. But hey, authors have no say about their covers, so don't blame me {grin}.

I'm glad it's finally in print and available for wider distribution. Now I need to promo it and Candy, so I'll be busy busy busy!

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