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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Funny ... an old book has a new life ...

I've got my book in my hot little hand.

Okay, not really IN my hand, but sitting on the desk. It's out in print (Mom, I just put 2 copies in the mail, one for you and one for Virginia at the library).

This book had sort of fallen off my radar since it released last June in digital (or was it May? I've lost track).

Then it showed up on my doorstep (a box of 'em) and all of a sudden I opened it and started reading and thought, "Damn, this is a good story. I should read this again. If nothing else, I should proof it and make sure it's okay."

I restrained myself. No use going back and reading what I wrote. I'm afraid I'd think, "I should have changed his actions in this scene, that doesn't make sense", or "Why did Hannah do that? She should have done ..."

Nope. Better to let sleeping books lie. And move on to the next one on the "To Be Written" stack.

Here's the Buy Link for anyone interested in getting a print copy of "Grace". It'll be on Amazon and B&N in mid-April, though, if you want to wait (I get a better royalty on the current version on Cerridwen's site, but hey, the shipping is higher on the CP site so I don't blame you if you wait).


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Kim Smith said...

I hope when my book arrives I can be as optimistic as you :)