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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Holding my breath for spring

We're in that odd time here in Minnesota. It's too early to look for spring but we're so damn sick of winter, we have to look forward.

To help me look forward, I've dug out my Easter decorations and put them up. I've got clings on the door at work (my cube faces a balcony) and on my windows at home.

It's amazing what the sight of those pastel cartoony things does for a person -- I am so tired of seeing black, white, gray, and brown. Give me pink! Give me yellow! Give me red!

I feel like I need a similar kick in my writing. I've been a bit stalled on my current WIP (of course, I've been busy like crazy, too, which doesn't help). But this weekend I am going to carve out time to just sit and THINK about my plot, my characters, and where I want it to go. Once I do that, I know it'll zip along.

I have to admit, snow is good for one thing: it usually keeps me in the house and pinned to my chair. No snow in the forecast for the weekend, so I'll have to rely on my own motivation to do it. I'm 1/3 through the writing, and I want to wrap it up by the end of March so I'll have some free time in the spring.

The good thing is, I hired someone to do some promo for me for the Pig Book, so I don't have to spend every waking minute for the next month doing promo for the book. Yea! This might be the best money I ever spent.

Stay tuned. I'll report back on results. Until then ... THINK SPRING!

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