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Saturday, February 09, 2008

This is one of those weekends ...

Just by a quirk of scheduling, I have to post at 6 blogs this weekend:
  • here

  • Crimespace

  • MySpace

  • Cerridwen Press blog

  • Green Book Friend blog on MySpace

  • Maven's blog

That's kind of ridiculous, even for me. I mean, I'm chatty, but come on ... That got me to thinking about the differnce between "I have to post ..." and "I should post". The world will continue to spin if I don't post a blog entry. I know it will. I've missed blogging before and we're still all attached to the planet.

I think that's a common problem I have .... I equate "I've set up a ToDo list and there are items on it" with "if I don't do this, my weekend will be ruined." Granted, my ToDo lists are the only thing that allow me to have 5 books out this year and stay on track, but I need to make sure to listen to that little inner voice that says, 'hey, you can skip something today if you need to.'

I just can't listen to it all the time {insert smiley face here}

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