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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I did it again

I signed another contract.

This is with my 'second' publisher, Cerridwen. They want another of my Romantic Suspense novels. This one is If Not For You, and stars Max and Layla. It's one of my favorites, I have to admit. I'm tickled, um, purple, that they want it. Layla won the prestigous (to RWA people) Molly contest in 2005, winning the "Unsinkable Heroine" category. I was so pleased with that win, it kept me going through many, many rejection letters!

That's one thing I did want to mention: the rejection letters. I just got another one and it bummed me out. I could have sworn that publisher would want that book, but no, they didn't. So you know what I did? I filed the rejection letter in the circular file and fired off that submission, via email, to another publisher. So there. Then I filled in my contract details and got my contract for Max and Layla ready to send out.

Hmpff. So there. I feel better now.

Just a warning, I won't be posting again until next Tuesday, so don't mark your calendars for my deathless prose this weekend. I'll be out of town at a convention, learning how to craft murder mysteries. Can't wait to get my brain stuffed full of plot of ideas.



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