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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This is how I felt last night ...

Tussling with technology again.

I was trying to update the web site for my local RWA chapter, and the #*@(! ISP kept kicking me out of the page I was editing.

Mind you, this is an archaic editor tool I was using to start with. It was a bastardized version of Word, in which I could use some Word functionality but nothing really useful like, say, an easy way to change the font size or color. It took me almost 2 hours to update one web page and I finally gave up. It's not perfect but it's okay.

The part that was truly annoying was that I'd click 'Save' and it would hang there and hang there and hang there. No message, no nothing. Did it save? Didn't it?

Those who know me know that patience is not my long suit. Hell, it's not a suit at all in my deck of cards. I don't mind hang time, but TELL ME SOMETHING WHILE YOU'RE SUCKING UP MY TIME!

Of course, the good thing of this all is that I may have found a shortcut. Frustrated with the #*(@ editor, I copied everything to Word and edited it there. Now if I can get the ISP to ever open up again so I can try an experiment, I'll try downloading my sample, bypassing their archaic editor. It will either work, or you'll hear a loud scream all the way to wherever you are.

Hey, maybe I'll fry the brains of the archaic editor and they'll have to get something new.

{rub hands gleefully} There is a method to my madness.


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