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Saturday, January 20, 2007

This may be a first for my family ...

Or maybe a first in a long, long time.

I believe this week was the first time in years that we have all had a snowfall.

Why is this auspicious?

I live in Minnesota. Mom is in Iowa. Sister 1 is in Kansas City. Sister 2 is in Denver. Niece 1 is in Denver. Niece 2 is in L.A.

Yep. We all had snow (I'm not 100% sure about KC, but it was close enough for government work.)

When we got snow, a co-worker (a fellow Iowan) said, "I looked out and thought, 'oh, man, what a terrible drive we'll have.' And my son looked out and said, 'won't this be fun?' "

It's all relative, isn't it? A friend and I were talking once and she said she wanted to retire to Duluth. ?Duluth? "If you're retired, you don't have to go anywhere at a specific time. So who cares if you get snowed in?"

Following that train of thought, I'd like to retire to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, where I don't leave the cabin for a month at a pop. Imagine the writing I could get done!

It truly is all relative, isn't it? It's important to put it all in perspective ... today's snow will melt, next summer's heat wave will end, an annoying situation at work will get resolved, a plot point will be figured out.

Who cares if I get snowed in? That's going to be my new mantra, I think ...

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