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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Where do you find those cute pictures?

I spend almost as much time looking for my clip art as I do thinking about what to say.

I usually go to Microsoft's clipart web site and find them. But I also find them elsewhere. There's a bit of a conversion effort to use Microsoft's pictures -- they can't just be loaded into blogger (bad, bad Blogger).

That's me, looking through all the scraps of paper that constitutes my filing system during the day. I jot notes to myself, then come home and sort through them ...

I don't know why the picture is as important to me as the words, but there you are, it is. I can spend an hour or more sorting through pictures, looking for the right one. And since I post to a blog 4 times a week, that's non-trivial.

The thing is, I store them all on my computer. So even if I see one I like and don't use it, I've got it for later.


Time to do backups.


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