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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You'd think it was the Magna Carta

I sent out my first newsletter this week.

Man oh man, I agonized over it. I read it, I tweaked it, I moved things around, I tried borders (don't get me started on that little experiment. How could something so simple be so tough?) I read it and read it and read it.

Finally I said, 'enough. These are friends of mine, for heaven's sake. They'll get the point.'

So I hit that 'send' key and sent it into cyberspace, not without a few qualms, I will admit. I mean, let's face it -- quite a few people who are reading it are either writers or technical writers. We've often joked that you never want to have a typo around a tech writer -- BIG mistake.

The response has been positive. If there are errors, nobody is pointing them out.


Now on to another challenge -- doing the newsletter for my local RWA chapter. Believe it or not, I'm not as worried about that one, probably because I'll have more proofreaders before I post it. But there's still the fussy factor to consider. It's impossible for me to just slap text into a format and let it sit. I always have to mess with it.

Gee, I guess it must the writer in me ...

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