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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brouhaha in the Publishing World

Amazon has pulled MacMillan's books from its Kindle listings over a price dispute. Get this: the publisher wants to RAISE the price of ebooks to $15 and Amazon wants to keep them at $9.99.

Well, duh. Why does a publisher think anybody would spend $15 for an ebook? If I can't get it cheap at Amazon, I'll toddle over to one of the gazillion other sites and download it for cheaper then transfer it to my Kindle (really, quite easily done).

I don't get this -- what is the publisher trying to prove. Are they so out of touch with the reading community?

::shaking head::

1 comment:

Kim Smith said...

I think the Apple thing is behind it. This is still as they say in the news world, A DEVELOPING STORY. :)