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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We interupt this blog

...for a public service announcement.

I recently ordered some PJ Jeans -- jeans that are supposed to be like jams. Here's some pictures. These are PJJ (dark ones) in comparison to my regular jeans. I wear a size 12/14 and the PJJ were supposedly a size 14, but they just fell off -- literally.

Note that they have a very short rise -- 9". My regular jeans are a 12" rise or thereabouts. Also the PJJ were longer than my regular jeans, and since I'm short to start with, that's a problem.

Now here's the unattractive picture: yikes! Shield your eyes! That's me, showing how loose they are. They're about 2-3" below my natural waistline.

So...I'm returning 'em. On the Up Side, the fabric is fabulous and I like the way the legs fit. They're really quite comfortable, but they really are falling off my body. I find it flattering that a size 14 would be so loose. I may try a size 12, but I'm afraid with the way they're cut, they'd be down around my no-longer-svelte hips.

So back in the mail we go. I'll get a chance to evaluate customer service, I guess.

I gave it a good try!

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