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Saturday, January 16, 2010

New year, new habits

I'm posting today from not-my-usual spot. I've been traveling a bit lately & I'm at my 'other work spot', my Mom's house.

I've been coming here often in the last 3 months and I've developed new work habits, which really surprised me. It used to be that coming here was just social with an occasional opportunity to do some writing. But I'm staying here for 4 or 5 days at a time now (we got a USB broadband thingie so I can now access the Internet, etc., remotely), and I've developed new work habits based on my schedule there.

I have to admit, this is intriguing to me. I am really a creature of habit when it comes to writing and this does throw me off my pattern, but I'm finding that's a good thing. A change of scene has sort of energized my writing and doesn't let me get stuck in ruts. I need to remember this in the future -- when I'm stuck, shake it up and change the routine.

I wonder if this works for all things in life, too? Hmm.

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