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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Shifting gears


It's hard to explain how I write a book. I tried to tell someone today that I was trying to get into the head of my characters and how reluctant I am to do that sometimes. You see, when you really get into a story, it sort of takes over your life. You live that story along with the characters. If you don't put yourself fully into it, the story suffers.

The story I'm doing now is a History Patrol one, and it's very complex. It has to be complex because it's time travel and reincarnation and true facts mixed in with things I'm making up. So when I go into that book, it's very consuming. I've had a hard time giving myself up to that story. I can always find something else to work on.

But today I reconnected with the characters and am starting to see the world through their eyes again. At the same time I'm working on another first-person mystery (a totally different type of writing), so that's my break from 1934 St. Paul.

Yep, it's a juggling act. As long as I can be in the right place at the right time for the right writing, it works.

Fingers crossed.

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