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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Choosing your fights carefully

I am proud of myself. I'm learning to pick my fights and walk away from ones I can't win.

I've had ample opportunity to learn this lesson in the last few days. I've had tussles with publishers and with folks in my RWA chapter. In all cases, I was flatly squashed when I made suggestions. I explained why I suggested what I did and was squashed again. So I walked away from the fight with nary a backward glance. I'm still with the publisher/group, but I'm not fighting that fight any more and my opinion of the professionalism of those involved has changed dramatically.

I think this is a valuable lesson to learn. Some things are worth discussion and others aren't. And even if I think it's worth discussion, if I can't be heard, then why talk? I'm learning to focus my energy in other spots.

Like writing ... for the first time in WEEKS I'm writing again. Hey, this is why I got into this business -- because I love to write! It's so nice to re-learn that and delve into a story. The new one is fun. You see, the heroine is at this convention and she finds a nasty publisher dead on the beach. Then ...

Oh, and before I forget ... I may not post again this week. I'm taking off this weekend to a writing retreat (a writing AND gambling retreat). So I won't be around to post. Have a good holiday everybody (those of you in the States, at least) and see you next week.

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