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Saturday, May 02, 2009

A day of cultural oddities

I have a busy day scheduled today. At 9:00 I'm picking up a dear friend who is also a movie reviewer. She and I are going to see the new Star Trek film. Wendy called me as soon as she got tickets because she knows I'm such a Trekkie. I'm looking forward to it, I've heard the FX are fantastic and I've read a bit of the plot, and it sounds intriguing and convoluted -- my kind of Sci Fi.

We should be out of there by noon, so I'll drop Wendy off at her house, swing by and get the Spouse and he & I will go to St. Paul for a play (we have season tix at one of the two major playhouses in town). It's Grey Garden, which I know very little about. I believe it's about two eccentric old ladies but that's about it.

We'll be in St. Paul until about 4:30 then we'll head back home where the VFW is having their annual Fish Fry -- an event not to be missed. So we'll go from swanky theater matrons to the more down-to-earth atmosphere of the outdoor beer garden, downtown near my home.

Of course, before I start all this I have to run a few errands (thank goodness some stores open at 8:00). Then it's off for a day of Klingons & popcorn, high society & wine, then home boys and beer.

Looking forward to it!

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