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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two books in my head

While driving south to visit Mom, I started thinking about one of the books I drafted a long time ago. It was more of a women's fiction book than a mystery, sort of a rambling 'starting over after divorce' kind of book.

I started thinking what it would take to re-task it into a mystery. That occupied me for most of the drive down to Iowa (4 hours). I sort of mulled it over while I was there and on the way back I got out my digital tape recorder and taped a few ideas.

So now I'll have 2 books going at once. Actually, neither is really 'going' right now. I'm still in the mulling it over stage. But I think I'll try to do both at one time. If I can, that will wrap up the mysteries I planned to write for this year, so I have incentive. My goal is to finish both by the end of summer. Stay tuned for a progress check!

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