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Saturday, May 30, 2009

So close ....

I promised myself that when I lost 30 pounds I could have a hot fudge sundae.

I'm at 29.4 pounds lost.

Don't get me wrong: I'm happy to have lost so much weight since the first of the year. I feel like I'm retraining my thinking and my body to follow eating habits like those I used to have: eat when hungry, don't overeat, exercise regularly -- all those common sense things that kept my weight constant for years. Until I quit smoking, that is. Then everything went goofy and I started gaining.

Well, I'm losing now. I do 2 weigh-ins a week, one on Wednesday and the 'official' one on Saturday. I work out at the gym on Wed., Sat., and Sunday so those are my days to check weight. On Wednesday, at my preliminary weigh-in, I was 2 pounds lighter than I am today. I'll lay you odds I'll be at least a half-pound lighter tomorrow when I weigh myself. You see, on Friday evening I meet a friend after dinner for coffee and a cookie (and lots of talking), and I think that always pads me a bit for my Saturday weigh-in.

It's tempting to forego that cookie or use Sunday as my 'official' day, but I won't. I've tried to be scrupulously honest throughout this process, and I'm not going to fudge (excuse the expression) now. I'll earn that hot fudge sundae honorably.

It's going to taste soooooooo good when I get it!

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