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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ready, set, walk!

I'm on a 'step' program, where I count my steps every day. I try to get 10K in, and most days I do it and more.

Yesterday I did 13K steps. 13K. And I was sitting in a training room most of the day. The secret? I went for a long walk before my day officially started, so I was at 8K by 8:30 a.m. The rest of the day was just walking to the elevator, mingling with people, walking to the restaurant for lunch.

It's amazing how these tiny things add up. It's like writing a book: a scene at a time, a thought at a time, a chapter at a time. While walking yesterday morning (very early, just at dawn) I had a great idea for the 2nd book I'm working on. It is now going to called not "the 2nd book" but The Ghost Story, like the first book is called The Nail Gun Murder. I had a great idea for TGS that works in a book I always wanted to write (a ghost story) + a mystery (the first draft of this book) + an inheritance (an old book I wanted to rewrite). I'll moosh them all together into this new thing.

Of course, I have to do it, not just talk about it. But I think it's doable. I see a thread of daylight outside. Off to walk again before another day of sitting in training. Let's see what other ideas I can come up with!

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