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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Juggling, juggling, juggling

It's amazing but the busier I am, the more creative I am. Today I was at the gym, working out, and my mind was buzzing with my latest book. I had my digital recorder with me, so I managed to 'finish' chapter 2 AND set up a big red herring for the murder.

Hubby and I were at a play this afternoon (Legally Blonde: truly funny play, especially seeing it with a man who just Doesn't Get It sometimes) and I had a great idea for a scene later in the book. At intermission I jotted some notes on my I-thing to keep the idea fresh.

Next week I'm in training all week for work: 9-5 of probably annoyingly boring stuff. I plan to take some notepads with me so I can jot ideas as the class progresses. I always find that a change of scenery really gets my brain moving. I have a day tomorrow when I can write (just a few morning errands to run) and I hope to really kick-start Chapter 3 and beyond in one book, and get the plot blocked out in the other. I'll be traveling again next weekend so will have limited writing time. But I think that's when I do my best writing, when I'm forced into a time crunch and have little time to agonize over words.

For now, though, I'm going to go back and transcribe my notes and see where it takes me. This murder is taking a twist I didn't plan on. We'll see where it goes!

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Kim Smith said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job of cornering the Muse. Hope your week flies by!