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Saturday, December 08, 2007

The perils of publishing

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I got my galley proofs back from my editor for The Pig Book and I noticed it had a 2007 copyright. I want a 2008 copyright since the book won't be available until 2008 and a 2008 copyright means I can enter it in 2008 contests.

So my editor checked and apparently there's some little loophole thing where they want a 2007 copyright on it. This has me seriously bummed out because it means I won't be able to enter the book into any contests. Now believe me, I know that a contest or two will not make or break the book, BUT ... I think this is one of my best books and I'd like to put it out there and maybe get some recognition. So


My editor is negotiating with my publisher and I'm hoping we can change the copyright date. This combined with other things that have happened (again -- check my newsletter) make me wonder if this poor book isn't cursed.

Stay tuned ....

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