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Saturday, December 29, 2007

My last book of the year!!!

Yea! Another book out!

Yep, I have a release. If Not For You came out on Thursday. This is my 'homage to Eric Clapton book' (not really, but Eric does figure in the plot). I came up with the idea for this book when I got a letter that had my address on it but someone else's name.

"Hmm," thought I. "What would happen if a woman got a letter addressed to someone else and it was a threatening letter?"

So I started to consider why -- and how? How would someone get a letter like this? Was it on purpose? If on puropse, then why?

And who did it?

That's when I came up with what I think is a doozy of a plot. When you first read it, you think, "Nah, that's a coincidence. That's too much of a coincidence."

Then you start to realize that it was all part of an overall scheme and it really wasn't a coincidence after all.

'Ooh. Interesting plot twist,' I can hear you say.

Or at least, I hope I hear you say that! {smile}

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