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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Pig Book has found a home ...

... or has it?

Remember the Pig Book? I sold it to Triskelion who went bankrupt. I had my rights returned to me prior to the declaration of bankruptcy (a month or more before). I assumed I was free and clear.

Well, there's rumblings that all contracts Trisk held are going to be auctioned. I've never gotten anything 'official' about this: no letters from lawyers, no notices, etc. But an author friend said that ALL contracts, even those with rights returned, are being lumped into this pot.

I've checked what legal papers I can find, and I'm not listed, so I'm proceeding on the assumption that all is well. Who knows what'll happen? I signed a new contract on this book in good faith, and I've got the legal paper to prove it (that is, the letter returning my rights to me).

This wouldn't have been an issue if not for the bankruptcy. So ... I'm proceeding on the assumption that I'm Happy because the Pig has found a home.

Stay tuned. I'll let you know if that Happy turns to Sad.

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