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Saturday, September 01, 2007

I fought the tree ....

and I won!

Okay, not me alone. We had planned to have a Tree Guy come out and take away the offending marauder, but they had to use a crane to lift it up and over the house at a rather $$$ price.

This tree is 10' in circumference. Go ahead. I'll wait while you get a tape measure and sketch it out.

Are you back? Okay. That's a BIGGGGGG tree.

So my husband goes over to talk to the neighbors (it's their tree, after all), and they volunteer to take away the big pieces. That left the more manegeable chunks for us.

So on Wednesday afternoon I got out there with my pruning saw and Jim got out there with our little chainsaw and we whacked away. Four hours later, we had done what we could.

On Thursday and Friday, the neighbors tussled with the rest. The result?

Big tree over the hillside (I live in the woods, thankfully) and LARGE piles of brush that need to be dragged down to the river.

AND NO TREE!!! Just crushed flowers and fence. And as I told a friend, crushed flowers=a chance to go to the nursery next year and re-do that part of the landscape.

Not exactly win-win, but better than lose-lose.

So on to the next challenge in my life: finishing this #*(@ rewrite (which is really going beautifully), update my web site and maybe relax a bit because I've already had MY Labor Day on Wednesday.

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