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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Whew ... I finished HP

I finished the Harry Potter book today, and boy, am I relieved.

The last 3 books have been like a marathon, trying to slog my way through a complicated plot. They really need Cliff Notes for those books. All of them really needed some editing and there were several saggy spots in this latest one that had me skimming and skimming.

Despite my negative comments, I'm glad that HP has done so well. It's gotten kids interested in books, and that's no mean feat in today's world where there's so much competition for entertainment dollars. And the whole theme of half-bloods, etc., will hopefully make people look at how racism and elitism can flourish even in the magical world.

I'm just sorry that it became such a huge phenomenom (did I spell that right?) I think good writing was sacrificed and I think there are better books out there (To Kill a Mockingbird comes to mind) that deal with similar topics. But perhaps we need a Harry Potter for this generation the same way we needed a Gone With the Wind, or Mockingbird, or other books for other generations.

I'm just glad the damn series is done with and we can all get on to the next big thing.

Hey ... maybe it'll be my next book! Who knows? {wink}

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