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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We have a title!


I've got a title for the Pig Book. Are you ready?

Candy, Corpses, and Classified Ads

I am pleased, I have to say. I contacted my other publisher and we changed my title of The Readjustment Blues to:

Brownies, Bodies, and Breaking the Code

This way my first-person mysteries all have a similar feel and title. {whew} You have no idea how long this has taken to get this title ironed out!

And more breaking news -- The Brownie Book will be out in mid-June and in print in mid-August. Lots faster than I thought it would be. So that means, this year, I'll have:

mid-June: e-book (The Brownie Book)
July 1: e-book (Your Saving Grace)
mid-August: print book (The Brownie Book)
Sept. 20: e-book (Forgiveness)
Nov. 1: e-book (The Pig Book)
Dec. 27: e-book (If Not For You)

And I may have one more print book in there, possibly from Cerridwen.

When it rains, it pours!


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