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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A mysteriously leisure day

I am caught up.

I hesitate to say that, but I think I am. Oh, I have chores I COULD do. I've been meaning to canvass the local bookstores & drop off promo info & info about me. But I'm thinking it's better to mail that instead. Or maybe I'm just being lazy. Ditto for libraries: promo drop-off/chat with head librarian, but... maybe mailing instead?

Other than that, my calendar is clear. Gardening is as done as it's going to be done. My WIP is written & I'm in review on it. Office has been weeded out & tidied. Christmas presents are being delivered from catalog shopping. I even balanced my checkbook (well, kind of. I forced a balance, but hey -- a balance is a balance, right?)

Leisure... what a concept! I'm going to go out & do a bit of shopping, then come home and take a nap. I'm going to ENJOY this day!

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