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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a fading away

I have a group of 7 friends we call The Ladies Who Lunch (although we usually dine these days). We've known each other since the early 90s and used to work together. Through layoffs, etc., we now are at all different companies.

For years we've gotten together frequently to stay in touch with each other. It used to be lunch once a week. Then it was dinner twice a month. Lately it's been randomly, whenever we can get together. I feel as though I'm losing touch with them but there's nothing to be done about it -- we all have hectic schedules & getting together is hard. We do stay in touch, somewhat, via email, but not as closely as my other mainly-email-friends (out of towners like Kelly & Cai and Ardath).

It's hard to see friendships fade like this. It's still strong: I could still call on any of them for a favor and it would be done, pronto. But it's fraying around the edges. I have the terrible feeling this is one of those things I'll look back on and say "I wish we had tried just a bit harder to stay in touch more" or something like that. Or maybe not. Maybe it's strong enough to handle the lack of presence.

Only time will tell, I guess. ::sigh::

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