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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deep thoughts for a Tuesday

Actually, not so deep but thoughtful, anyway. Why do some things annoy the crap out of us? I know I should be able to ignore some behaviors by other people but I just can't sometimes.

I work in a cube environment and there are people around me who (1) have loud phone voices; (2) have 'loud' perfume; or (3) have 'loud' food (smelly)

What is it with them? We're all sharing a space here! Come on, give me a break! {there. I feel a bit better}

Another annoyance: some people talk way too much and some don't talk at all. Case in point: I know someone who talks constantly. Constantly. She reads road signs when we drive, she laughs at nothing, she continually speaks. I know she doesn't even hear herself so I don't really mind, but I do wish she'd listen now and again. But she's too busy speaking ....

And on the opposite spectrum: my DH, who NEVER acknowledges if he's heard something I've said. How many times have I added, "Are you listening?" and I get an offended look in return.

I should be able to just adapt to these people. They're in my life, they're relatives, and they ain't going to change. But I still end up grinding my teeth sometimes when I'm with them.

I wish I could be like a well trained little lab rat & just ADAPT to my little rat maze!

Hmm. Do I smell cheese?

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