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Saturday, August 08, 2009

A day of To Do

From the minute I woke up until now, I've been working on my To Do List.

1. write answers to blog questions for blog interview next week
2. prep excerpts for upcoming promo
3. attend "Blackberry How To" session at local store
4. attend writer's meeting
5. nap (okay, not on my To Do list, but done!)
6. prep answers for my candidacy for national office (RWA, not politics)
7. promo recent print release
8. arrange promo for upcoming release
9. work on class notes for upcoming class I'm teaching
10. prep birthday gifts for upcoming parties
11. prep going-away gifts (see previous blog)

Do you see "work on novel" there? yikes, it's been a couple of days since was able to get any writing done! At this rate, it'll be Thanksgiving before I finish the 3 books I want to have done.

I know, I know -- it's MY deadline. But yes, it is MY deadline and I'd like to hit it. So I'm officially changing it slightly:

3 books done by Halloween.

Start your engines!!!!

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