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Saturday, April 05, 2008

We have an office!!!

Yea! Mad happy dance!

I am in my new office, and my first Official Act is to post this blog!

Yes, finally. It took 3.5 weeks, but it's done! Okay, it's almost done. We still have a few touchup things to do, but I am writing here, I have a cat in the basket at my feet, the new window is open and I'm watching the wild turkey as they feed at our bird feeder.

Life is good.

Now if we just had living room furniture, all would be complete. Tomorrow we Shop for furniture. Always an interesting prospect since the Spousal Unit is 6.5' tall and I'm 5.3' tall. What fits him doesn't fit me, and vice versa.

Oh well. I am happy. I have a writing life again!

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