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Friday, April 18, 2008

update from RT

We finally got an internet connection so I can post some thoughts:

1. Noise: at least a thousand people, all talking at one.

2. Nobody looks like their picture (me included)

3. Old friends are still old friends -- I lunch with an old Pittsburgh friend from 20 years ago and we had so much fun!

4. The town hasn't changed much. I could still find the bathroom in Macy's, even though when I was here, it was called Kaufman's

5. The conference is really party central and some people go ALL out for it -- the gowns for the Hollywood party were amazing, and the fairy costumes ... some folks spent a lot of time and effort on those.

Am I learning anything? Not sure, I'm certainly not getting a lot from workshops because I've barely had time to go to any.

Has it been worth it? YES. I met my publishers, my critique partners, and my fellow authors.

Will I do it again?

Yes. But I probably wouldn't want to fly here for it, but if I could drive ... yep.

I'm leaving the hotel later today to spend time with family in town, then back tomorrow for the book signing, then leaving the conference tomorrow afternoon for time with hubby and family,then home on Sunday. Probably no internet access until Sunday. So I'll send an update on Tuesday on my regular day ...

What an adventure!!

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