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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RT: final recap

If you read any of the usual blogs (dear author, etc.), then you know that RT has gotten a lot of press lately, much of it negative. There were some ... exhibitions at some parties that got a bit out of hand. I didn't see it and I daresay not a lot of folks did -- there was a crush at most parties and few people could see the stage.

I'm not going to comment on that. There was a lot of inappropriate behavior, from rudeness to costumes in poor taste. This was balanced by graciousness on the part of others, a hotel staff who was totally overwhelmed by the crush of people, and ... the beautiful weather.

Yes, I have to comment on it. The weather was excellent -- sunny, warm, with flowers blooming, grass growing, and gentle breezes blowing. The hotel was in a great location to allow one to walk outside, sit amongst the flowers, and feel the sun on the face. What a great boon after a long winter.

This conference is the first one I attended at which ebook authors and publishers were truly welcome, and it was a nice change of pace, just as the weather was a nice change of pace for me. I felt valued and appreciated as an author, which I don't feel at other big conferences (or even at some smaller ones, for that matter). So that was a big plus.

On the negative side: it was too much of a party for me. I don't need to socialize that much, I need to network and figure out useful things (like promo, marketing, time management, etc).

Was it useful? I think so.

Will I do it again?


What's next? More traveling and another conference in May (WisRWA's conference in Green Bay). For now, though -- on to writing. I just signed another contract for a new series (a futuristic other-planet overthrow-the-government book). I need to start working on book 2.


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