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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yea! Finished another ms!

I finished another manuscript. The working title is "Murder on the Beach" but I think I'll be calling it Surf, Sand, and Strangulation (to fit in with my other first-person books).

I discovered something during this book's progress: I HAVE to write fast. Otherwise I get bored with the book and will wander away. I started this one on June 1 or thereabouts, and finished it on August 12 or thereabouts. That's about as long as I want to work on a manuscript in one go. I don't mind going back and filling in the blanks or doing some rewrites, but in terms of a rough draft, 10-12 weeks is perfect for me. The characters and plot are still fresh, the ideas are tumbling out, and I feel energized by the whole process.

Now I need to get cracking on reviewing a ms I have due to an editor who requested it at National Conference. Then I want to pick up a time travel book that I set aside because it wasn't working for me (I think I'd hit the 8 week mark and I was stalled). Then I have another 3rd person mystery I want to write.

And then it's onward!

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