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Saturday, June 09, 2007


We adopted two new cats (new to us, that is). M.I.A. is 1 year old, black, and very petite and sweet. Whodini is 5 years old, bulky, blond, and tough -- except in the morning. In the morning he's a pitiable pile of anxiety, crying around the house until he can find a good hiding place.

He found the ceiling tiles in the basement.

To make a long story short (and this will probably appear in a book someday), he's managed to outwit my husband several days in a row and get back up into the ceiling tiles no matter how we try to prevent it.

Persistence. That's the moral of this story. Persistence pays off. It paid off for me. I have a hundred or so rejection letters in my file drawer but I persisted. I considered quitting but I persisted. Whenever I get discouraged, I'm going to think of that silly cat, making a run at the ceiling to try to get inside.


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