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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Leaping into the unknown

One of my best friends quit her job and is not sure what is next in her life. That's a big leap into the unknown, but it's one she felt she had to take given the job, where she is in life, etc.

The next few months are a series of leaps into the unknown for me. I'll have two books out this month. Granted, they're in download so for a lot of folks, those don't count but for many, many people they do count (especially for my publisher). I am now entering Unknown Territory: chat promotions, online promotions, contests, and creating a 'web presence'. Then the books will go into print and there will be all new leaps -- as I try to convince bookstores to carry the books, as I seek an agent and perhaps new publishers or new markets.

The thing I keep in mind about all this is something my father told me: "Will a child die if you don't accomplish ? If the answer is no, it's really not that critical."

I can do what I'm comfortable with and just enjoy this, and I plan to do just that. Sometimes leaping into the unknown can be fun, sometimes weird, sometimes scary. But it's ALWAYS interesting.

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