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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Life is getting busy ...

It's weird. There are times when I have ample free time and times when I don't have time to take a deep breath. This is one of those "no time" times.

I think what happens is, as you get older, you expect things to follow a certain pattern. We get up at a certain time, go to work, do the same old things, etc.

In the last week or so, the pattern has been disrupted -- new kitties in my life so new habits are there, a new laptop at work so a whole new experience there, a new book coming out (you knew I'd work it back to writing, didn't you?)

I am doing what I can to cope with the influx of oddities and surprisingly, this blog has helped. It's a stable point in the week: twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday, I have to blog.

Little did you know that you might be contributing to my sanity.


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