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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Why are we here?

It seems like whenever I have time away from thinking about publishing, whenever I come back to it, I wonder why the heck I'm doing this.

I had a hectic but fun weekend with my family last weekend, and publishing was on the periphery of my mind. Now I'm back to my routine and I find myself asking why I do this -- why do I write? why do I attempt to be published? Why do I read reviews, and industry blogs, and author blogs?

I recently read an article about a "Vision Map" -- it's a New Age kind of thing where a person is supposed to cut out pictures of things that give her a visceral reaction. Keep those pictures, and eventually you'll come up with a collage of things that reflect your true inner vision.

I'm starting to think my books are my Vision Map. They reflect themes and topics that intrigued me at the time. If that's so, should I care about sales and placement in lists and reader reaction? If my books are written mainly for me, well, why should I care about anyone else?

One more thing to ponder as I resume my writing cloak and settle back into routine.