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Saturday, June 05, 2010

A day for ME!

I have an entire weekend of Unplanned Me. This means I have nothing that *has* to get accomplished (oh, there's the usual: laundry; groceries, etc.) But I'm not going anywhere and I'm not on deadline for anything.

How did I spend my Saturday? On Friday, I thought, "What would be fun tomorrow?"

An early morning swim at the gym. Stop at the casino (very early in the a.m.). I love casinos in the early morning. They're quieter, the people there aren't desperate (yet), and there's plenty of chance to wander around and try out different slot machines. I spent an enjoyable 2 hours, frittering away $30 on assorted machines.

Then to the garden center. The best time at a garden center is when it rains, and it was drizzling today. I scored some plants with no one else there to jostle me as I wandered about, under my umbrella. I came home and had the plants in the ground by 10 a.m. Then I cleaned up my little garden shed, had some lunch then talked the Spousal Unit into a movie: Iron Man 2.

I am a sucker for Super Hero movies. I love 'em. IM is very good, too, because Tony Stark is a well-rounded character (annoying sometimes but very 3-dimensional). We had a rollicking good time then went to our favorite sandwich shop for a meal. Back home early enough to watch horse racing on TV (another of my favorite things) and now I can sit down and write.

What a great day of ME things. ME ME ME

We all need these days now and again, days of "what do *I* want to do today". No deadlines to meet, no planes to catch, no trips to take.

You know what ... I may do it again tomorrow!

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