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Sunday, June 07, 2009

AWOL blogger

I had a double-whammy this weekend: my 11th book released and I was away from home, at a conference.

I've gotten a bit more laid-back about book releases and don't do frantic promo on the day it comes out and for every day thereafter. I'll be posting excerpts, etc., for the next few weeks for it and the other books in this series and will also be excerpting my other books at the same time. Hey, I can re-promo those for years if I want!

The conference was good but was tiring. I think I'll be cutting back on the romance conferences from here on in. The mystery conferences are very energizing, but romance conferences ... it's hard to describe, but they're different. I just have mystery conferences for the rest of the year, so that'll be fun.

Now back to 'home work': taking care of the kitties, getting edits done for my editor, prepping a synopsis for a new book. The routine never ends!

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