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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keeping my fingers crossed ...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed on a variety of subjects, hoping for the best:
  • we'll have a President sworn in today without violence, threats, or problems (trust the Secret Service but don't underestimate the crazies out there)
  • the weather will cooperate to let me get out of town tomorrow (looks good so far)
  • my health continues to improve (slowly but surely, if I could just get rid of this headache)
  • my trip goes fine (how bad can it be? Florida in January?)
I really don't enjoy traveling any more. It's such an inconvenience, not to mention discomfort. If we were traveling by car -- no problem. But I really dislike air travel. I've got a January trip, a February trip, an April trip, and a June trip scheduled this year. I could do a March trip, too, but I'm starting to think, 'no thanks'. I also have a May trip, but it doesn't involve flying.

I'm starting to really evaluate conferences and their use to me. It's fine to go and hang out with friends, but is it the best use of my time and energy -- most especially energy? I'm thinking next year: two 'fly' conferences and one 'drive' one. I'm looking for a local conference where I feel involved and welcomed. The Wisconsin conference was like that last year. I can't go this year (schedule conflict) but I think I'll bump it up on my priority list for next year.

This January trip to Florida is a combination working trip (I'm on the cruise with the writers) and getaway for me and the spouse (while I hang out with writers, he's going to the Keys to soak up some sun). So it's a nice trip for us both and I have to admit, I'm looking forward to seeing green grass and feeling some warm breezes. It's been a long winter. Maybe I can bake the last of this illness out of me and get some energy back!

So I won't be posting on Saturday (unless I get busy and find a WiFi port). I'll report back in next Tuesday on how it was to cruise and schmooze. Should be interesting!!!

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KellyMarstad said...

Oh the cruise, the cruise!!! Say hi to everyone for me. Wish I could go but you know how it is when you're "famous". *snort*

feel better JL.