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Saturday, January 03, 2009

The benefits of snow days

We're supposed to have icky weather here today. That means I'll have the morning free to run errands, but will be socked in for the afternoon and evening.

That means I get to tackle my To Do list. I know, I know -- 'be like a bird'. Well, I'm trying to, but there are quite a few things on the Priority List only because it's the first of the year. That means I need to renew memberships, order promotion, and do all those other things I pushed into this year's budget.

So that's how my day is shaping up ... go out, run a few errands (which can wait, really, if needed) then settle in and look at that damn To Do list. By tonight I hope to sit back, relax, and say 'Job well done. Now let's WRITE!'

Cross your fingers for me!

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KellyMarstad said...


Just thinking... don't think you can call yourself newly pubbed anymore. ;)