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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Angst of Edits

I've been postponing the Edit From Hell, but now it is upon me. I got edits in for my paranormal book last November, and I've put them off and put them off. Now I have to tackle them. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't procrastinate, but I just haven't been able to face this. I think most of the edits, while probably useful, aren't necessary for understanding of the story. The editor is doing it to make it The Best Book It Can Be.

Not a bad thing, right? Well, look at it this way. This series has sold a grand total of about 12 copies of the 2 books (it's only available in download). I'd like to think I'll hit the jackpot with this book, but I doubt it. I've already decided I can't continue working on this series after this book. It's too time intensive, especially with the edits I'm being given. I'm spending 10 times the amount of time per book that I spend on my other books, and the other books are selling 20 times more than this series.

So it's hard to be motivated. Combine that with the fact I'm not sure this editor and I are ... simpatico, and it means I've put off this drudgery as long as I can. I'm going to do an hour a day on edits and HOPE I have it done in 10 days. That's 9 hours more editing than I've ever had to do with any other books of mine, but I hope it will be enough. Then I can get the book out there and be done with it and move on to something fun.

Sigh. Back to the grindstone.

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KellyMarstad said...

I got to the point where I blindly hit accept all and then went through the comment boxes. But then, I ended that name so it didn't matter as much if I hated the outcome. So far only one of my books turned out choppy for the first half because of it. The other stuff, well, it got the book out.