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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What is a blog used for?

I got a couple of good books for Christmas about blogging and how to use them for marketing. That got me to thinking ...

Who reads this blog?

You see, I get requests from people to be 'interviewed' on my blog, and I've been reluctant to put any of that on this blog. I view this one as my connection to you, my family and friends (and readers, who I guess are also friends, right?) This is a marketing tool, but mainly I'm viewing this one as a communication tool, to let me communicate to you who are far-flung and around the globe (you foreigners know who you are, heh heh).

So I've been using some blogs in other spots (LiveSpace, MySpace, etc.) for those 'marketing' blogs and that's worked out fine. But I've been finding it interesting that I feel this 'privacy' way about this blog. So at least for now, this is a marketing free zone and the only promo done here will be for my books.

{whew} I can hear the relief all the way to Minnesota.

And just FYI, I won't be posting on Saturday. I'm off to a conference in Chicago (I know, Chicago in February: what a treat, right?) It'll be so cold we'll all stay inside and focus on the conference (and the bar, I suspect). I'll report back in next week on how it goes.

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Kim Smith said...

ohhh!! I cannot go to this con but I definitely want to hear all about it. Take copious notes!!