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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Puzzling out the promo

Some writing friends and I are ganging up to work on promo together. This year I'm really going to look at what I'm doing and try to refine it.

What works? What doesn't?

I think it's all cumulative. I don't have big bookstore distribution, and my main medium is e-books. This involves a really steep learning curve for most of my target audience. I'm hoping I'll grab that little niche market of people like ME: older but technologically savvy who are willing to try new things.

I'm trying to push the "ebooks are green" angle, too. Publishing is a wasteful business -- books are printed that aren't used, they're trashed when they're returned, and $$$ and resources go down the drain. Ebooks are a very lean, very cost-effective method of publishing, so we're aiming for that angle, too.

Stay tuned. I will continue to blog about this in the upcoming months and will let you know what works ... if I can figure it out.

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